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April 15, 2023 Open House

Over the past two years, we have engaged with the community through visioning sessions, focus groups, and discussions to shape this vision together.

The open house will provide the community with an opportunity to become familiar with the proposed vision for Anmore South, which has been developed in consultation with Anmore residents. The OCP amendment encompasses diverse housing options, dedicated parkland, all-access trails and pathways, recreational amenities, and more.

See below the boards as well as the video that was presented.

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Date: Saturday, April 15th 2023

Time:1pm to 3pm

Location: Anmore Elementary School, 30 Elementary Road

Drop-ins welcome. Anmore's local Friendly Forest preschool will be there with toys and activities for kids to enjoy.

icona - Open House

anmore south

Community Engagement

Her Community: Improving lives through women-led design

icona recently hosted two focus groups to ensure our plan reflects the feminine perspective. To view the full presentation, click here.

a complete community in nature

Imagine a community that preserves a semi-rural way of life while bringing daily pleasures and conveniences closer to home.

In collaboration with residents and a multidisciplinary team of planners, innovators, visionaries and environmental experts, icona is pioneering a new approach to placemaking—one that touches the earth lightly and enlivens place, planet and people.

Anmore South has the potential to become a complete community in nature. A place that sets new benchmarks for environmental stewardship, sustainable development and enlightened design. A place where residents can live, work and play in a place that reflects their values. A complete community surrounded by and in harmony with nature.


Anmore South - Quote by Tony Caim icona Founder
Tony Cai, icona Founder

When I first walked these lands, surrounded by the Burrard Inlet, the mountains and regional parks, I quickly understood that this is a very special place. We need to find a way to protect its extraordinary nature while creating a complete community that supports and improves the quality of life for its residents.

Tony Cai, icona Founder

envision a new future with us

icona Properties has been actively meeting with residents of Anmore to collaborate on a new vision for Anmore South lands, seek input and explore design ideas that align with the community’s needs and desires.

In the earliest phase of our community outreach, we engaged residents and stakeholder groups in informal conversations to collect initial input and ideas. In early summer, we shared the initial vision for Anmore South in a document titled “A Community in Nature,” which you can see here.

see the vision
icona - A Collaborative Vision

community engagement

collaborating on the vision

From the beginning, the vision for Anmore South has been shaped by community input. Throughout the visioning process, icona has achieved an unprecedented level of engagement, with feedback collected from 700+ participants—nearly one-third of the Anmore community. Look for more opportunities to participate throughout 2023!

co-design events
community showcase
neighbourhood sessions
focus groups
keynote presentations
community sponsorship
community surveys
one-on-one meetings


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As we continue the process of meeting with and seeking input from Anmore residents about what the future may hold for the Anmore South lands, following are the most frequently asked questions:

Is icona a local company?
What is icona’s role in the potential development of the Anmore South lands?
What is the timeframe for a vision like this to take shape?
Does this mean we are going to lose our wooded area that we all hold so dear?
What will the impact be on the biodiversity we value so much?
Are we talking about urbanization?
Will an “General Urban” designation lead to environmental degradation and clearcutting?
What is the level of development and dedicated parkland associated with a “Rural” land use designation compared to a “General Urban” designation? Further, what is the financial implication of each?
Why do we need more housing?
What specific housing options will be developed?
Will affordable housing be a component of your plan?
What is icona’s vision of a complete community?
What certainty is there that the vision for Anmore South will meet the high-quality standards that have been established in the Village of Anmore?
What will the impact be on traffic?
Don’t we need a traffic solution prior to supporting a vision?
What are you proposing for the Anmore South lands with respect to wastewater and water service? And what is the impact on the broader community of Anmore?
What are community amenity contributions?
How and when are you providing residents with an opportunity for further input into this process?

Get Updates!

A respectful, inclusive community engagement is integral to icona's placemaking process.

Over the coming months, we will be holding a series of open houses to gather valued input from the area's residents and stakeholders. 

We cordially invite all Anmore residents to join the conversation and collaborate on a vision for the future of Anmore South.

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