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a community in nature

In our ongoing quest to transform communities and create places that matter, icona is exploring a new vision for the lands known as Anmore South. We are collaborating with Anmore residents to create a future the community can be proud of— a future that further enhances this already extraordinary place.

This 150-acre parcel of land is situated in the southwest corner of Anmore, a village community located to the north of Port Moody and touching the shores of the Indian Arm.

Despite its small size, Anmore South has the potential to transform the quality of life for village residents. Now is the time to move forward. Inspired by the early input of Anmore residents and stakeholders, our team of experts are developing a detailed plan for Anmore South to create a complete community. This plan will gradually unfold over a period of 20 years and enliven Anmore with new vitality, housing diversity and self-sufficiency.

village financial assessment

The Village of Anmore has released a financial analysis of two potential scenarios for development in Anmore South. Both involve retaining a Rural land use designation, with the first scenario using the current zoning of 1-acre and the second looking at ¼-acre lots. Under the 1-acre lot scenario there is 143 acres of developable land and only 8 acres for a park and with the ¼-acre single-family lots, 106 acres of developed area and 45 acres of dedicated park. The village also attempted to complete a review of a General Urban development that would dedicate 76 acres of park space.

icona has advised the Village of Anmore that we will be submitting a rezoning application and Official Community Plan (OCP) amendment in the coming weeks, this will be the basis for Scenario 3, which would involve a change in OCP, and zoning. The icona plan creates flexibility to introduce housing diversity, preserve a semi-rural way of life, bring daily conveniences closer to home, create one of the largest privately donated protected parklands in the Tri-City area, secure significant investment in sewer and water infrastructure along with many other amenities – and create a more stable and diversified tax base.

We understand that residents want more details and our Official Community Plan amendment and rezoning application will detail the scope of our plan, information about the phased approach over a 20-year period, and associated financial, environmental and traffic studies. We also look forward to sharing a detailed visual design plan for Anmore South that will illustrate the many ideas that have been generated over the past few months and seek further input from residents in the new year.

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a vision takes shape

Over the last few months, icona Properties has been actively meeting with residents of Anmore to collaborate on a new vision for Anmore South lands, seek input and shape design ideas that align with the community’s needs and desires.

In early summer, we shared our initial vision for Anmore South in a document titled “A Community in Nature.” Then, from August to the end of October, icona engaged with 500+ residents and stakeholders through neighbourhood Q&A meetings, one-on-one discussions, a co-design workshop series and a community showcase event that invited additional community input into the ideas of Anmore residents.

The consultative process revealed 10 themes that emerged most strongly across the greatest number of participants. Together, these themes tell a story—a story of a complete community in nature.

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a permanent gift of nature to the community

As part of our vision for Anmore South, we are committed to gifting a new protected park more than six times the size of Rocky Point Park — one of the largest bequests of stewarded forests and waterways ever gifted by a land owner within the Tri-City area in recent history. Further, icona will also establish an endowment to fund ongoing stewardship and preservation of these lands. 

Learn more about our initial ideas by downloading the Visioning Document.

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"When I first walked these lands, surrounded by the Burrard Inlet, the mountains and regional parks, I quickly understood that this is a very special place. We need to find a way to protect its extraordinary nature while creating a complete community that supports and
improves the quality of life for its residents."

Tony Cai, icona Founder


As we continue the process of meeting with and seeking input from Anmore residents about what the future may hold for the Anmore South lands, following are the most frequently asked questions:

Is icona a local company?
What is icona’s role in the potential development of the Anmore South lands?
What is the timeframe for a vision like this to take shape?
Does this mean we are going to lose our wooded area that we all hold so dear?
What will the impact be on the biodiversity we value so much?
Are we talking about urbanization?
Will an “General Urban” designation lead to environmental degradation and clearcutting?
What is the level of development and dedicated parkland associated with a “Rural” land use designation compared to a “General Urban” designation? Further, what is the financial implication of each?
Why do we need more housing?
What specific housing options will be developed?
Will affordable housing be a component of your plan?
What is icona’s vision of a complete community?
What certainty is there that the vision for Anmore South will meet the high-quality standards that have been established in the Village of Anmore?
What will the impact be on traffic?
Don’t we need a traffic solution prior to supporting a vision?
What are you proposing for the Anmore South lands with respect to wastewater and water service? And what is the impact on the broader community of Anmore?
What are community amenity contributions?
How and when are you providing residents with an opportunity for further input into this process?

wildfire management: taking action to protect anmore south

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join the conversation

A respectful, inclusive community engagement is integral to icona's placemaking process.

Over the coming months, we will be holding a series of open houses to gather valued input from the area's residents and stakeholders. 

We cordially invite all Anmore residents to join the conversation and collaborate on a vision for the future of Anmore South.

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